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New map!

New Map now out! Please share!
Only 1 Hour until Hurricane Season 2014!!!
11 00

New map out tonight

Even if there is no development, a heavy rain event is still very possible. But we are going with 30% to 40% chance at this time!
30 to 40 on 30

Heavy rain looks likely

Regardless of development, Heavy rain looks likely. wouldn’t worry about where this low if it forms goes because all of the moisture will get sheared off to the NE.
have rain

New Map!

Good morning! Here is my new map!

18Z GFS at 186HR, 00Z Navgem at 174HR, FIM 8 at 240HR and FIM 9 at 222HR and all of them showing development in the Northwest Caribbean between June 1-5. If i was going of the 18Z GFS this is what it would look like: Disturbance/Invest around 27th/28th of May
TD around 1st of June
Weak TS around 3rd of June then back down to TD around 4th/5th of June. I will have a update on this in the morning! Good night everyone!
25 14


Here you go! 12Z GFS, 18Z GFS, FIM 8 and FIM 9 tonight have a TS or TD in the Caribbean in the next 8 to 10 Days! 18Z,GFS little stronger tonight! PLEASE SHARE!
June week 1

Strong El Nino years that the U.S.A. got Hit in May and June
and this is how many Major Hurricanes!
1957 two Category 4 hurricanes 1958 one Category 5 two Category 4 hurricanes and one Category 3 1965 one Category 4 hurricane 1966 two Category 3 hurricanes and one Category 4 1982 one Category 4 It Only Takes One! Get A Plan Today!June ye

I am giving this a 20% to 30% chance to develop at this time!
the models have been showing possible tropical storm Arthur moving from the Northwest Caribbean into Florida or the southern Gulf of Mexico We now have 3 models on board for development GFS,CMC and FIM we are still more than a week away from this. Just stay tuned with #FCW Have a good day everyone!
It Only Takes One! Get A Plan Today!
June TS1

All Eyes On The Caribbean!

All eyes on the Caribbean 8 to 12 days! It is now only 9 Days until Hurricane Season 2014! Over the past several days, GFS has been pretty consistent in showing our first named system develop near the Yucatan Peninsula, then affecting Cuba and POSSIBLY the Florida Peninsula!
It is to far out at this time to know what is going to happen! Just stay tuned with #FCW Have a good day everyone! Are you Ready for Hurricane Season 2014???
June 2

Subtropical Development Possible

Subtropical Development Possible
My new map for STS

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